The unknown

I can remember sitting down at my graduation ceremony practice, just me and all the empty seats in the stadium. All I can think about was what is about to happen next. The following day I would walk across the stage to receive my diploma and say goodbye to most of the people I knew walking the stage with me. And like that High School was over, four short years had gone like the wind. I was not nervous about speaking in front of the crown and students but more about what college was in store for me. Ill be honest, I was not the best student but I did work hard not only to pass high school, but to go on and attend a four year University. No one in my family had ever gone to college, how could I possibly tell my family what I was feeling? All I can think about is what will come about my life next. I attended High School with a lot of students like myself who came from immigrated families who came from Mexico. Many of them chose the path that many in my neighborhood tend to take, live at home until mom couldn’t support them anymore or be another statistic in where the minorities are killing one another. All throughout High School I was ridiculed about choosing the books over the streets. Even by own community, friends, and family I was looked at as some type of trator. Being there in that empty stadium really made it all surreal. I was unknown if college would really change my life for the better.