Much throughout my short time here in college, I feel as if there are a lot of misconceptions about first generation college students. One of the biggest one that I have encountered the most has been the misconception that first generation college students are immigrants or come from another part of the world. That is not the case, first generation just means, we are the first in our family to go to college. Many first generation college students do come from the U.S.- born and raised. Another misconception that I have come across is that first generation college students are poor. On the contrary, there are plenty of first generation students who come from middle and high class homes. But last and certainly not least one of the most common misconceptions of first generation college students are dumb. I have heard this more than a few times since being here at SJSU but I have other opinions. In my case, I had to make a certain GPA in High School just to apply to certain colleges and I remind you while being a football captain, track and field captain, and the President of the Student Body. Many first generation students have done a lot to be at any higher education institution that only they will know. Not only did I have to receive good grades in High School to maintain my acceptance at  SJSU, but I had to keep myself sane while my city was out of control. We’re not dumb, we’ve all had some obstacle to overcome to be where we are at.


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