What lies ahead…

A lot is really unknown for most first generation college students when they arrive to college and have their first semesters under their belt. Even now that I am almost done with my second year of college theres still a great deal of unknown. Im not sure if the major I am currently in will be the same one I graduate with or if my dream job will change. Like myself, a lot of first generation college students have more than just their future to think about but many have work and other extracurricular activities that add a load to their schedule. I try to be as optimistic as I can every semester that my future will take care of its own. In my sense I have family issues that continue to occupy my mind along with school. Like many students not just first generation, having to grow up and move away from home can be daunting. While I live away from my family, which is about 7 and a half hours south of San Jose in San Diego, I invest my time with my new family I made here in college. My biggest goal is not to just have a college diploma or a nice job once I leave college, but to inspire those before me that education can be ONE path to success. All that many can do is pray and work hard in hopes that things will fall into place. A higher education institution can be the start to a bright new future.


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