A new example

There’s seems to be so much evil and bad things going on in the world now a days. There are plenty of young people who are being misguided and many losing lives. While volunteering at a local elementary school while in high school I realized the importance of a good role model. Many of the children I taught were from homes just like mine, uneducated and underpaid. Many of which also have older brothers and sisters but just like mine, are living lives we shouldn’t follow. Like many other children in the same situation, even as young as elementary school children they are faced with many obstacles that can lead them to an unpromising future. We all hear in school how it is important to be a good citizen and role model for those younger to help them when the grow up. I believe it is that simple. Many children learn by doing and watching, being a good role model is more important than people think. Although receiving a higher education is the ideal goal the school system has for every student, not all students are meant for higher learning for various of reasons. We as young adults and older adults have to be the RIGHT example, and it is as simple as being there for someone. There are many kids out in the world who just need one good example or friend. We can all help our future become better by investing our time.


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