Paving the way

The best way the other first generation college students like myself can really have an impact on the future generation is as simple as setting the right example. For a long time I did not know why I acted a certain way or why certain things had an effect on me. Until I left for college I realized that all my life I was left with a gap in my heart of a role model. I realized how important to guide you in life can have such a big impact on anyones life. Now that I am two years detached from High School and living at home, I understand how important it is to help those younger than us. I understand that there are a good amount of youth that do not live in a encouraging type of environment. Despite our shortcomings to help every single youth out there, we all not just first generation students but citizens must help as many as we can. The world around us is not getting any better, but does not mean we as a human race should sit down and watch an ugly future unfold. Education for many of at risk youth is there only for sure way out of their environment. Going to school may not be for everyone but it is somewhere to start an in hopes of giving the youth a chance to give themselves a voice in this world. As a first generation college student I see the role we can play in the youths way they see the world and education. We must learn to help those younger.


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