What’s being done!

There are numerous of programs around the country that support first generation students. One that I know the best is  the Encuentros Leadership organization. Like many programs that help students, the Encuentros program impact specifically the Latino community all through San Diego county. Encuentros has three different programs; their annual Encuentros Education and Career Exploration Conference, their annual Encuentros Leadership Academy, and the Encuentros Classroom Education Program. The Encuentros Leadership program’s mission is to encourage and support boys of Latino descent to achieve optimal performance in education. The Encuentros program has had its great impact in my life when I lived in the San Diego area. The program served my brother and myself while in High School. Encuentros has a good connection to its community and allows for any Latino male to thrive in the classroom with every single opportunity as everyone else. With numerous of programs to educate the the Latino youth, the program holds scholarship competitions for those who qualify.


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