A new task

Like myself and many other aspiring college students there is hope. Many college students and those who are the first of their families to attend college have a new way to help. When I am back home in San Diego, I visit not only elementary schools but all schools. It is important to talk to aspiring college students to let them know that college is not something scary and it is a possibility to attend no matter what financial background someone has. While I was in elementary school and most of middle school, college seemed too far way from my grasp. Coming from a community of mostly Latinos, not too many high school latinos would end up in college after high school. If other places like my hometown and high school are the same (and a lot are) college seems like a time to waste four years and party not including the huge debt there is after. While going to high school I didn’t believe I had the resources and money to attend college. I truly believe it is important to make it aware to all students that going to college is very much an achievable goal. Current college students are already taking that task and inspiring other students. I am involved in the ASPIRE program at SJSU where I on occasion volunteer to give students tours or talks about college.


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