A chance at something new!

There is something we can’t ignore that could be our possible future. If all the first generation college students successfully complete college to receive their degree there could be a new future. 20% of the 7.3 million first generation college students could be the generation to help aid not just other college students but anyone. What is also important to note is that nearly 50% of those first generation college students were labeled as low class and party of racial or ethnic minority group. The reason why it is important to note those numbers it is because it affects todays world. If all these students end up graduating and find a job they have broken a huge barrier. In my case, when I finish college I will have achieved something different and somewhat against the status quo. We first generation college students have expressed that we come to college to help our family and friends. If we all help those family and friends and spark a new hope in the new generation our future could look much brighter. It will take work from first generation college students and others to really have this impact. School is not for everyone and we must understand we must inspire students first not force anything on them.


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