All in the head

Like many aspiring college student’s there are plenty of doubts that linger in our heads. I could recall a time where I truly couldn’t see myself on a college campus let alone being able to thrive once I arrive. Everyday of high school I carried the doubt, fear, and uncertainty with me. Although I couldn’t see myself at a college campus, I made a decision in my head to work hard and let fate take care of the rest. Something I wish someone would’ve let me know more often was that every single doubt I had in my head was false. Many high school student’s should know that the mind is something very powerful. I knew that when I was applying for colleges that I was going to be denied, but there will also be others who accept me. For the future generation of first generation college students it is important that as mentors, teachers and parents we inspire and lead them to believe that a higher education is not given but it can be earned.


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