Why go to college?

There is plenty of discussion in many lower class communities as to the importance of higher education. Schools throw plenty of stats and just by word on how great college is and how it can give you a brighter future. I am in my second year of college at San Jose State University and in two short years I see the impact higher education can have on an individual. Personally I do not enjoy going to school, yet I still do attend with full confidence that I am doing the right thing. College not only gives you an advantage in the working force but it allows you as an individual to expand your horizons. Before I ever stepped foot on my campus I didn’t have much experience with interacting and working together with all sorts of people. It is said by many professors and those who have attended college that you learn more outside the classroom rather than inside. I moved over eight hours away from home and it forced me to become responsible and appreciative. My time in school has been filled with great friendships, great memories, and even better I’ve learned to see the world from a larger point of view. If I were to attend community college back home I don’t believe id have the same experience from higher education as I do being away from all that I know. With all the people that I met, I’ve expanded my connections far beyond my small town. The classroom informs you on certain topics and gives you different outlook that we didn’t have before, but what happens outside the classroom cannot be put into words.


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