We are not stupid!

There seems to be many stereotypes on those who are labeled “first generation college students”. In my personal life I have been told that I am dumb because no one in my family had gone to college. As much as that fueled anger in me, I couldn’t deny the fact that no one in my family had attended college. As a result of no one in my family receiving a college education, school was not the primary outlet to become successful in my family. Although my family never discouraged my want for a higher education, they were limited in the help that they can provide. Due to my older brother’s lackadaisical attitude during high school I followed in their footsteps in my way I saw school. It was not until I had my father walk out of my life where I realized what an education can do. I was told by my middle school teachers that I should take remedial courses in high school because they could not see me thrive in honors or AP classes. Although my teachers in middle school had every piece of evidence to say what they said about me, I knew that there is one factor that separates me and everyone else. I learned very quick that my work ethic will reflect my success and failures. I was not the smartest student intellectually while in high school, but I put in the hours and time in order to be up to par with where I needed to be educationally. I was never good at math, until I got a tudor. I was never good at reading and writing, until I wrote and read. I was never good at science, until I applied myself. No one is ever good at something from the start, we must invest our time into the things we believe will get us ahead in life, in my case I knew education could give me a better life, so I took it seriously.


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