What do when you’re at college.

Although I truly believe that more first generation college students is a goal we all should try to reach, there are plenty who are already in college. I managed to overcome the roadblocks and be blessed with the opportunity to gain a higher education. It is important to have an open mind when first arriving at college. I only say that because you want to be as open to all the endless possibilities that a University can offer. It is scary to go away to college when you have no one in your family who has ever gone. Here are some small yet helpful tips that I benefited from while being here at San Jose State. 

Like I stated earlier having an open mind will be the first step in the right direction. You will be exposed to experiences that you may have never been exposed to. Get involved in some type of organization on campus. If you’re like me I moved away from home because I wanted the full college experience. It is very important that you get connected with your campus somehow because that could be our source of comfort or support system. Use the resources that are available to you! I know it can get overwhelming with college courses, so use the writing centers and tutors to help you. Remember you’re the first in your family to ever attend college, you’re not going to be perfect, but learning good habits will help in the long run.


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