This blog is intended at the hope that we can help those around us through education. I am aware that in many cities it is difficult to preach education to certain ethnic minority groups. Many of these young students come from homes who do not know anything about higher education and the hope and knowledge gained. I have dreams that don’t necessarily include any school, but I know as a  young adult that we must always have a back up plan. For me and for many other going to school allows us to expand our knowledge and help our families in any way possible. Something that I believe is slowly going away in ma y neighborhoods and major cities, is the inspiration of a new hope. Now a days there is much that is going wrong in the world that we tend to brush off the fact that there is a new task at hand. There are many young people who need help to reach their goals and dreams. Education allows for a  new opportunity for a new experience and knowledge. We can always improve on our school work but there is also others who would want to be in our shoes. I believe we need to be more available to help others.