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It’s ok not knowing!

I wish someone had a genuine talk with me before I left for college to explain the many changes that I would have to endure while being away at college. There is something to be said about how much us as young people like to know what’s going to happen next. Something that I learned right away was that you never know how college will influence you. I am for certain not the 18 year old young man that I was when I first arrived at San Jose State.  Continue reading


Financial deficit.

Unfortunately  we can’t all afford college. I remember the day when I found out that I could not afford to go to my first choice school despite the fact that I did everything in my power to get accepted. Im not the only one who cannot afford going away to college. Many hard working students are left to settle with secondary schools, but I believe it all happens for a reason. I had dreams of graduating from a top private university (Chapman), but I am glad where I am at now.  Continue reading

Internal struggles

Not too many people understand the struggles that occur at home when you’re the first one to go to college in your family. Leading up to the moment when I made my decision about what school I was going to attend my family was neither supportive nor held back by the idea. Like many first generation college student’s, going away to college is not just a transition that effects the student but the family as well. In my head I had this image of my family celebrating every college acceptance letter I received, that was far from the truth.  Continue reading

What do when you’re at college.

Although I truly believe that more first generation college students is a goal we all should try to reach, there are plenty who are already in college. I managed to overcome the roadblocks and be blessed with the opportunity to gain a higher education. It is important to have an open mind when first arriving at college. I only say that because you want to be as open to all the endless possibilities that a University can offer. It is scary to go away to college when you have no one in your family who has ever gone. Here are some small yet helpful tips that I benefited from while being here at San Jose State.  Continue reading

We belong here!

I know from my personal life, I’ve come across plenty of slurs and racist antics thrown my way. I come from an immigrated family from Mexico. I am a U.S. citizen along with my brother and even my parents have managed to become citizens as well. I started to take note in high school when I was in these AP/Honor classes that there were a lacking number of hispanics in these courses. Right now, hispanics or the latino community is being targeted with the aid of Donald Trump’s assumptions that we are killers or somehow connected to the violence Mexico is enduring. I see myself as no different than anyone else in this world. I treat everyone with the upmost respect and try to live a life of expressing love and sharing it. This reflects the struggles I had to endure but yet chose a different path. Continue reading

We are not stupid!

There seems to be many stereotypes on those who are labeled “first generation college students”. In my personal life I have been told that I am dumb because no one in my family had gone to college. As much as that fueled anger in me, I couldn’t deny the fact that no one in my family had attended college. As a result of no one in my family receiving a college education, school was not the primary outlet to become successful in my family. Although my family never discouraged my want for a higher education, they were limited in the help that they can provide. Continue reading

Why go to college?

There is plenty of discussion in many lower class communities as to the importance of higher education. Schools throw plenty of stats and just by word on how great college is and how it can give you a brighter future. I am in my second year of college at San Jose State University and in two short years I see the impact higher education can have on an individual.  Continue reading

All in the head

Like many aspiring college student’s there are plenty of doubts that linger in our heads. I could recall a time where I truly couldn’t see myself on a college campus let alone being able to thrive once I arrive. Everyday of high school I carried the doubt, fear, and uncertainty with me. Although I couldn’t see myself at a college campus, I made a decision in my head to work hard and let fate take care of the rest.  Continue reading

A chance at something new!

There is something we can’t ignore that could be our possible future. If all the first generation college students successfully complete college to receive their degree there could be a new future. 20% of the 7.3 million first generation college students could be the generation to help aid not just other college students but anyone. What is also important to note is that nearly 50% of those first generation college students were labeled as low class and party of racial or ethnic minority group. Continue reading

In my city…

In the city that I am from and a majority of other cities there is a mix of ethnic minorities and those of white decent. In the city that I am from there the word future and success is foreign. To a city that was  beautifully occupied by a people with much charisma and hard work mentality. In my case, the Mexican community was built on a lion type of work ethic mentality in hopes for the best in a new country. In my city there is a new generation with the exact same principles their own parents and family live by. Continue reading