What do when you’re at college.

Although I truly believe that more first generation college students is a goal we all should try to reach, there are plenty who are already in college. I managed to overcome the roadblocks and be blessed with the opportunity to gain a higher education. It is important to have an open mind when first arriving at college. I only say that because you want to be as open to all the endless possibilities that a University can offer. It is scary to go away to college when you have no one in your family who has ever gone. Here are some small yet helpful tips that I benefited from while being here at San Jose State.  Continue reading


All in the head

Like many aspiring college student’s there are plenty of doubts that linger in our heads. I could recall a time where I truly couldn’t see myself on a college campus let alone being able to thrive once I arrive. Everyday of high school I carried the doubt, fear, and uncertainty with me. Although I couldn’t see myself at a college campus, I made a decision in my head to work hard and let fate take care of the rest.  Continue reading

A new task

Like myself and many other aspiring college students there is hope. Many college students and those who are the first of their families to attend college have a new way to help. When I am back home in San Diego, I visit not only elementary schools but all schools. It is important to talk to aspiring college students to let them know that college is not something scary and it is a possibility to attend no matter what financial background someone has. While I was in elementary school and most of middle school, college seemed too far way from my grasp. Coming from a community of mostly Latinos, not too many high school latinos would end up in college after high school. Continue reading

What’s being done!

There are numerous of programs around the country that support first generation students. One that I know the best is  the Encuentros Leadership organization. Like many programs that help students, the Encuentros program impact specifically the Latino community all through San Diego county. Encuentros has three different programs; their annual Encuentros Education and Career Exploration Conference, their annual Encuentros Leadership Academy, and the Encuentros Classroom Education Program. Continue reading