In my city…

In the city that I am from and a majority of other cities there is a mix of ethnic minorities and those of white decent. In the city that I am from there the word future and success is foreign. To a city that was  beautifully occupied by a people with much charisma and hard work mentality. In my case, the Mexican community was built on a lion type of work ethic mentality in hopes for the best in a new country. In my city there is a new generation with the exact same principles their own parents and family live by. Continue reading


A new example

There’s seems to be so much evil and bad things going on in the world now a days. There are plenty of young people who are being misguided and many losing lives. While volunteering at a local elementary school while in high school I realized the importance of a good role model. Many of the children I taught were from homes just like mine, uneducated and underpaid. Many of which also have older brothers and sisters but just like mine, are living lives we shouldn’t follow. Like many other children in the same situation, even as young as elementary school children they are faced with many obstacles that can lead them to an unpromising future. Continue reading

Paving the way

The best way the other first generation college students like myself can really have an impact on the future generation is as simple as setting the right example. For a long time I did not know why I acted a certain way or why certain things had an effect on me. Until I left for college I realized that all my life I was left with a gap in my heart of a role model. I realized how important to guide you in life can have such a big impact on anyones life. Continue reading