For students who attend SJSU, there is a great program that is dedicated solely for first generation college students called “Generate“. Although it is open to any student who needs any sort of assistance while attending SJSU. It hosts numerous of events where it gathers all first generation students for dinner, lunch and other social events to connect the first generation community. This is one of the many programs on campus that is available for all SJSU students to take advantage of. One day I was sitting at my desk working on some homework when my advisor emailed me to apply to this scholarship for first generation students, you guessed it Generate was the sponsor. It only took a few minutes for me to apply for the scholarship and I was lucky enough to receive a $300 scholarship that took me but only a few minutes to fill out. Only reason I bring this story up because Generate makes even applying for a scholarship, easy and simple for anyone to apply. Generate is here to make all of our lives much easier to handle.