My Story

Most of my life was built on confusion and uncertainty. I share my own personal struggles and pains in hopes that someone can see my story and gain something from it. My father came to the United States in the early 1980’s with his wife and two small children. Unfortunately I was the product of an affair. Most of my young childhood was filled with constant reminders of hatred amongst my dad and mom. I recall the plenty of times I saw my mom get arrested for threatening to kill my dad or step mom. I can vividly remember being in the courtroom more than once and hearing the voice recordings of my mother explicitly saying how she did not want me. For a long time I saw my dad as my personal savior. I was mostly raised by my step mother and brothers. Instead of my childhood being filled with joyful times and being a kid, that was stripped away from me. As I grew up I saw things for what they really were. Sadly, one day my dad decided to walk out of the family I was raised. At age 16, I began to really figure out why certain things were. Although I have an exponential love for my father and my mother, I choose to see past their mistakes and harm they inflicted upon me. I told myself I would become a better man even if it killed me. I realized that my dad wasn’t as great as he was sought out to be. He was abusive, verbally and physically. I can recall a time when I was five and I had asked my dad to go the beach. Instead of simply saying “no”, he turned to me and beat me for asking too many times. With my heart weighing heavy everyday since he moved out, I told myself I would use the pain for my advantage. Here I am more than four years since I came to a realization of who I will become, and I have been blessed to be here at San Jose State University where I am making my dreams a reality every day!