How I cope

Although I cannot do my life story any justice with a few posts, I can help out others. I think it is important to make amends with our past and pains. I know my story may be similar to many other’s out there, I simply want to share my story to aid the youth or anyone who can benefit. Despite the absence of my father and harsh childhood I had to endure, I learned plenty of great things along the way. At age 16, instead of filling my heart with hate and resentment to all those who hurt me, I choose to love instead. I decided to lose; hate, bitterness, sadness, and resentment. Along with my personal life, I wasn’t raised in the perfect community either. I had other friends I grew up with who had similar stories; fatherless. The city I grew up in was notorious for gang violence and lack of education. I was not the best student while going to school but that changed. Despite the violence in my city, losing friends, and dealing with everyday struggles it was my mind that got me through it. I went through a deep depression phase where I wouldn’t eat and resulted in a decline in my health. After some time and counseling I learned to cope with all that I had to deal with. The main thing that I got out of all of my struggles before coming to college was that our minds are wonderful piece of our anatomy. You must believe that the dark days will pass, you must believe that things will get better. I labeled my struggles that I endured after my father left as my personal version of “chemo”. I knew that losing friends to the streets, being laughed at by my peers for wanting to be someone who was educated and the absence of my father would eventually build me up. It is ok to feel sad or unhappy about certain things, I learned that we must still go about our business despite having so much to deal with. Time, time heals everything!