Home v. College

In my transition and in discussion with fellow first generation college students there seems to be a common trend about home and college. Coming from a Mexican family who crossed the border in the earl 80’s they never thought about going to school but adapting to a new country and full time hard labor. Those same harsh lessons my parents went through was a reflection of how they saw my departure to college as a threat. They did not believe that I would finish college and then would end up with a lot of money owed to the government. That is such a great divide between my education and my family. Although they are slowly starting to accept my decision to move to college there is still differences. In talks with my fellow peers we all see it as a new way to learn to appreciate our families even our minds don’t come together most of the time. Allowing our parents to worry and care in their own way is a small gesture of love that only we as first generation college students can comprehend.