It’s ok not knowing!

I wish someone had a genuine talk with me before I left for college to explain the many changes that I would have to endure while being away at college. There is something to be said about how much us as young people like to know what’s going to happen next. Something that I learned right away was that you never know how college will influence you. I am for certain not the 18 year old young man that I was when I first arrived at San Jose State.  Continue reading


The silent giant

There are 7.3 million undergraduates attending four-year public and private colleges and universities, about 20 percent are first-generation students. About 50 percent of all first-generation college students in the U.S. are low-income. Most of these students are most likely to be a member of a racial or ethnic minority group. When you think about the amount of first generation college students there are it can be overwhelming. Now, if most of these students are part of a racial or ethnic minority group, imagine the impact they can have. Like myself and many others I represent not only first generation college students, but the Mexican community, the lower class citizen community along with many others.  Continue reading