In my city…

In the city that I am from and a majority of other cities there is a mix of ethnic minorities and those of white decent. In the city that I am from there the word future and success is foreign. To a city that was  beautifully occupied by a people with much charisma and hard work mentality. In my case, the Mexican community was built on a lion type of work ethic mentality in hopes for the best in a new country. In my city there is a new generation with the exact same principles their own parents and family live by. Continue reading


The unknown

I can remember sitting down at my graduation ceremony practice, just me and all the empty seats in the stadium. All I can think about was what is about to happen next. The following day I would walk across the stage to receive my diploma and say goodbye to most of the people I knew walking the stage with me. And like that High School was over, four short years had gone like the wind. Continue reading